When looking for a personal injury lawyer, it behooves you to seek out a lawyer that has both the experience handling your type of case and the capability to communicate with you in a personable fashion. While it can be difficult to find both these qualities in one lawyer, it is certainly not impossible.

In order to find the attorney that may work the best for you, it would be wise to ask them a number of questions:

Do you handle many clients in my demographic (car accidents, product liability, brain injuries, etc.)?

What is the most frequent resolution to cases similar to mine?

In working with people who are in my situation, can you offer any advice with how to deal with the common problems that come up?

In working with these types of cases, have you built relationships with people on the other side (opposing counsel, insurance adjusters, government officials, doctors, experts, specialists)?

Without going into specifics, how does my case compare to other cases like mine that you’ve handled?

These questions will help you choose the best lawyer for your particular situation. While all attorneys get a generalized education of legal theory and practice at law school, those attorneys that dedicate themselves to a particular field and work with clients and other professionals tend to have a more complete picture on how to handle various situations as they come up during the course of legal proceedings.

You wouldn’t want to hire a plumber if you needed an electrician, would you? Granted they both work on pipes inside the walls of a house, and are both trained professionals, but nevertheless they perform vastly different tasks.

Ultimately, the choice you make for your attorney could be the most important choice of your life. Don’t make one based on a flashy Web site or a fancy TV commercial. Get to know them, let them get to know you, and work with them to make the most of your situation.

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